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Boyadjian & Associates' Project Management specialists have accomplished outstanding results, working continuously at the leading edge of the industry for over 15 years. We help our Clients to set-up and deliver their most challenging Projects and technical Programs. Our work ranges from hard construction and engineering projects to soft projects involving organizational development and training.


Program and Project Management


Services to Corporates, NGO's and Governmental entities.




Many organizations don't have the experience or the resources to set-up their Project and deliver it successfully. Others have bureaucratic decision processes restricting their capacities. Boyadjian & Associates helps organizations succeed with Projects, from inception to completion. At Boyadjian & Associates, our experienced Project Managers bring success to organizations, we work directly with individuals or teams to implement customized solutions that focus on Client's business objectives, helping our Client develop innovative ways to resolve complex matters in a timely and effective manner.

Boyadjian & Associates focuses on creating benefits for Clients rather than merely proposing them. We are not Management Consultants, we are Managers. Our approach to management is both modular and organic, tailored to each Project's specific needs. We provide complete and customized packages of Project Management services including:

  • Program Design.

  • Business Start-up delivery.

  • Crisis Project Management.

  • Human Resources Development.

  • Leadership and Team Dynamics.

  • Operation Management.

  • Change Management.

  • Quality Management.

  • Risk Management.


The benefit to our Clients:


Employing Project Management techniques, we fulfill our Clients expectation and needs. We deliver results and quality in everything we do.



Construction Project Management


Contractor's or Owner's Representation.




Project Management is a proven method for the proper coordination and administration of a construction Project. Boyadjian & Associates provides Construction Project Management services for all phases of design and construction to Project Investors, designers and contractors. At Boyadjian & Associates, we offer the following services for a complete Construction Project Management package, but the various components of our Construction Project Management services may be utilized separately depending on the requirements of the specific Client and Project:


Pre-Design Phase: 

  • Definition of Project objectives and constraints.

  • Preliminary Feasibility Study.

  • Assistance in site evaluation, selection and acquisition.

  • Conceptual scheduling and preliminary budget.

  • Assistance in evaluation and selection of Architect/Engineer.

  • Preparation of agreements and contracts.

Design Phase: 

  • Establishment of Client's objectives in terms of purpose, time, cost and quality.

  • Estimation of the worth of Project's elemental functions.

  • Alternative ideas generation for design, construction and materials.

  • Design progress monitoring.

  • Review of design, drawings and specifications.

  • Preparation of master schedule.

  • Comprehensive cost planning.

  • Specification Writing.

  • Bill of Quantities Preparation.

  • Cashflow forecast and Analysis.

  • Advise on Project Cost savings and Quality improvements.

  • Advise on the Bidding/Tendering strategies and the type of Contract.

  • Conditions of Contract preparation.

  • Assistance with appropriate Bid/Tender advertisement.

  • Contacts with qualified Contractors.

  • Tender Documents preparation.

  • Bids/Tenders evaluation and selection recommendation.

  • Contract Documentation for signature.

Construction Phase:

  • Assistance in obtaining all the required permits and licenses.

  • Assistance in Bonding and Insurance.

  • Contract Administration.

  • Construction monitoring and coordination between design and construction.

  • Establishment of safety procedures.

  • Preparation of Procedure Manuals and Quality Program.

  • Supervision of Quality Control, Testing and Site Inspections.

  • Project Accounting.

  • Advise on Project Cost savings and Quality improvements.

  • Preparation of progress and cost reports.

  • Monitoring shop drawings, samples and other submittals.

  • Production, progress, and resources information systems organization.

  • Preparation Interim Payment Applications.

  • Variations and cost reimbursable items identification.

  • Change orders issuance.

  • Cash flow monitoring.

  • Substantial completion.

Post Construction Phase: 

  • Supervision of testing, commission and handover.

  • "As-Built" schedule management.

  • Obtaining operation and maintenance manuals, training for personnel.

  • Final Payment Application preparation.

  • Issue of Final Completion certificate.

  • Review and Analysis of documentation and transmittal.

  • Claims analysis and submittal preparation.

  • Claims management.

The benefit to our Clients:

Boyadjian & Associates' Project Management processes and know-how provide the Client:

  • Cost savings and shortened project schedules.

  • Outstanding quality.

  • Cooperative team relationships between all the involved parties.

  • Claims avoidance.


Planning, Scheduling & Progress Control




In today's highly competitive marketplace, one of the greatest risks is the failure to complete a Project on time and within budget. To manage your Project successfully, it is important that cost and time be considered very carefully throughout the entire course of the Project. At Boyadjian & Associates, we use a variety of scheduling software to develop, maintain and review schedules to monitor the progress of the Project. It is through the use of Project scheduling systems that we are able to create accountability and to avoid costly delays and downtime.

We focus on Project Controls and Monitoring through the following services: 

  • Preliminary Schedule.

  • Baseline Schedule.

  • Monthly Updates and Revisions.

  • Recovery Schedule.

  • Delay Analysis & Mitigation Measures.

The benefit to our Clients:

By developing and monitoring accurate and traceable Planning, Scheduling and Progress Control systems, we save time and put our Clients in control of their Project.



Contract Administration




Our Contract Administration services are tailored to assist our Clients & their design consultants to supervise and administer construction Contracts in order to avoid claims, delays and cost overruns which can occur during construction. At Boyadjian & Associates, we offer the following Contract Administration services:


Pre-Construction Phase: 

  • Comprehensive cost planning.

  • Bill of Quantities Preparation.

  • Cashflow forecast and Analysis.

  • Advising on the Bidding/Tendering strategies and the type of Contract.

  • Preparing Conditions of Contract.

  • Assisting the Client with appropriate Bid/Tender advertisement.

  • Contacting qualified Contractors.

  • Issuing the Tender Documents.

  • Assisting the Client to receive and review Bids/Tenders.

  • Evaluating the Bids/Tenders and recommending selection.

  • Preparing Contract Document for signature.

  • Advising the Client on any action to make the site available for the Contractor.

Construction Phase: 

  • Assisting with correspondence and contractual matters.

  • Establishing comprehensive production, progress, and resource information systems.

  • Measuring the work carried out and preparing Interim Payment Applications.

  • Identifying variations and cost reimbursable items.

  • Obtaining necessary change orders or authorizations.

  • Monitoring actual cash flow against projected cash flow.

  • Preparing the Final Payment Application for the whole of the works incorporating all remeasurements, variations and claims.

  • Ensuring substantial and final completion certificates are issued, that retention funds are repaid and all bonds recovered.

Post Construction Phase: 

  • Review and Analysis of documentation and transmittal.

  • Claims analysis and submittal preparation.

  • Productivity analysis and efficiency calculation.

  • Schedule impact analysis.

  • Change order impact analysis.

  • Cost impact analysis.

  • Disputes review board preparation and submission.

  • Litigation support.

  • Expert witness testimony.

The benefit to our Clients:

At Boyadjian & Associates, experienced Contract Administrators assist our Clients & their design consultants to supervise and administer construction Contracts in order to avoid claims, delays and cost overruns.




We help our Clients succeed with their Projects from inception to completion.






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