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For more information concerning the wide array of our Cost Management Services, contact our Cost Management Unit at: info@boyadjiangroup.com





At Boyadjian & Associates, we understand that cost management is one of the primary components of any Project. To manage the Project successfully, it is imperative that the cost element be considered very carefully throughout the entire course of the Project. In order to achieve this goal, Boyadjian and Associates offers a broad range of professional construction cost management services to assist Owners, Developers, Engineers, Contractors and Financial Institutions through their project's life cycle, from pre-construction through closeout. The following Cost Management Services are provided by our skilled professionals: 


Construction Cost Budgeting & Estimating




Construction cost budgeting and estimating is the project phase where accurate and realistic project budgets are developed. With extensive experience and resources Boyadjian & Associate provides a wide range of estimating services from conceptual design through preparation of Construction Document Estimates.


Estimating Services to the Owner or the Engineer: 

  • Comprehensive cost planning.

  • Specification Writing.

  • Bill of Quantities Preparation.

  • Cash flow forecast and Analysis.

  • Advising on the Bidding/Tendering strategies and the type of Contract.

Estimating Services to the Contractor:

  • Quantity Take-Offs.

  • Construction Documents Estimates.

  • Cash flow forecast and Analysis.

  • Advice on tender & contract Procedure.

The benefit to our Clients:

Having accurate, traceable and audit-proof estimates is very important to our Clients. Our estimating process will save time and money, avoiding over budget Projects.



Bidding & Contract Negotiation


A Service to Project Developers, Investors and Engineers.




Bidding and Contract negotiation is the project phase where construction contracts are awarded. Boyadjian & Associates provides the most suitable contractual arrangements in accordance with international donors' regulations and procedures by:

  • Advising on the Bidding/Tendering strategies and the type of Contract.

  • Preparing Conditions of Contract.

  • Assisting the Client with appropriate Bid/Tender advertisement.

  • Contacting qualified Contractors.

  • Issuing the Tender Documents.

  • Assisting the Client to receive and review Bids/Tenders.

  • Evaluating the Bids/Tenders and recommending selection.

  • Preparing Contract Document for signature.

  • Advising the Client on any action to make the site available for the Contractor.

The benefit to our Clients:

In general these services are at no cost to Project Developers, Investors and Engineers.  Selecting the best contractor enables our Clients to complete their Project on time, on budget and to the desired quality. 



Valuation of Work in Progress & Financial Closure:




Valuations of Work completed on site at regular intervals and recommendations for progress payments are very important to both the Owner and Contractor. The Valuation services provided by Boyadjian & Associates include: 

  • Establishing comprehensive production, progress, and resource information systems.

  • Measuring the work carried out and preparing Interim Payment Applications.

  • Identifying variations and cost reimbursable items.

  • Obtaining necessary change orders or authorizations.

  • Monitoring actual cash flow against projected cash flow.

  • Preparing the Final Payment Application for the whole of the works incorporating all remeasurements, variations, claims, etc.

  • Ensuring substantial and final completion certificates are issued, that retention funds are repaid and all bonds recovered.

The benefit to our Clients:

Our proven track record for accuracy gives our Clients the peace of mind that the Project is on budget and that the payments are done according to the executed works and quantities.


Value Management




Value Management is a structured and systematic approach to optimize the functions of the Project and to ensure that it is delivered in the most cost-effective way. Unlike traditional Value Engineering that focuses only on design and construction, Value Management is a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the project from the project feasibility study, the financing plan and costs, project design, construction and project operation. 

The process involves the following stages: 

  • Establishing the Client objectives in terms of purpose, time, cost and quality.

  • Estimating the worth of Project's elemental functions.

  • Generating alternative ideas for design, construction and materials.

  • Advising on Project Cost savings and Quality improvements.

  • Evaluating the impacts of changes on the profitability of the Project.

The benefit to our Clients:

Conducting Value Management with a Project provides the most cost-effective building without compromising performance, function or aesthetics. We decrease costs, increase profits, improve quality and value.



Project Auditing


A Service to Financial Institutions and Investors




Project Auditing is a specialized third party service giving to our Clients who don't have an active role in the Project implementation, accurate and detailed information concerning their investments or loans.

Boyadjian & Associates has the expertise and the know-how to provide the following: 

  • Evaluation of the proposed project schedule and budget.

  • Review of plans and specifications for quality and adequacy.

  • Review compatibility of the terms of the loan agreement with those in the agreement between the developer and the contractor.

  • Preparation of cash flow forecasts based upon the project schedule and construction costs.

  • On-site observations and review of monthly progress and Interim Payments.

  • Construction Cost Control.

  • Review change orders and determine the impact of changes on the completion date and the final cost.

  • Advise on possible future Claims.

The benefit to our Clients:

Boyadjian & Associates assists the investor and the lender in anticipating many problems, delays and cost overruns which can occur during construction. 



Claims Management


A Service to Contractors and Project Owners




The best way to avoid claims and to resolve disputes is to have an effective claims management program. Boyadjian & Associates works side-by-side with the Client to recognize and resolve possible disputes early on when the associated costs and difficulties are minimal.

Even with the best of claims avoidance strategies, change orders and additions to a Project often seem inevitable, and Projects fall far behind schedule with significant unexpected costs. When claims and disputes do occur, it is important to have knowledgeable experience supporting you. We provide that experience and support.

  • Review and Analysis of documentation and transmittal.

  • Claims analysis and submittal preparation.

  • Productivity analysis and efficiency calculation.

  • Schedule impact analysis.

  • Change order impact analysis.

  • Cost impact analysis.

  • Disputes review board preparation and submission.

  • Litigation support.

  • Expert witness testimony.

The benefit to our Clients:

Boyadjian & Associates provides a personal and flexible service that deals effectively and individually with Client's problems.




We offer the highest quality management and technical knowledge to reduce Project Cost and increase your Profits.






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